“Unplanned” Discussion

With parents permission, Aquinas Catholic Middle & High School students traveled to Columbus to watch “Unplanned” on April 15. After the movie the HS talked and prayed for about 25 minutes and MS talked/prayed for almost an hour. Fr. Timmerman and Mrs. Pokorny answered their questions or wrote down ones they couldn’t answer.


What words would they use to describe the movie: eye opening, deep, educational, shocking, horrific, inspiring, traumatic, sad, difficult, reality


Why is it important to confront abortion views?

-shocking how real it is vs. those that just dismiss it

-planned parenthood propaganda vs. reality

-when confronted with it, it makes it more real to see what happens to the unborn baby and you realize what the baby goes through


If Abby told her parents she had an abortion, what might their reaction been?

-would have been heartbroken, maybe felt like they didn’t do their jobs as parents but would have loved her

-if they knew before she had the abortion, would have wanted her to have the baby and helped her raise the child


What were your thoughts when you saw the effects for the abortion pill RU 487?

-scary Planned Parenthood brushed off the effects like they did-definitely lied when they said it would be “mild cramping”

-you just can’t talk about the effects of the pill; seeing the pills results made it more impactful


What’s wrong with blindly listening to what planned parenthood tells us?

-they pressure women when they are most vulnerable

-PP doesn’t act with morality-only concerned about money

-trying to grow their business, not inform women/others decide for them


Should women see the ultrasound before the procedure?

-shows them the baby is actually real and their maternal instincts might kick in

-PP just wants to dehumanize the baby-if they saw the ultrasound, the baby is real


How does seeing the movie impact your feelings on praying in front of the abortion clinic?

-incredible how it changed so many lives; change 75% of the time just when they see people praying


Questions/comments students had:

*Are they allowed to turn on the sprinklers like they did?

*Can Abby sue them because of the extreme side effects she experienced from the morning after pill?

*When Abby was in the bathroom, were the pieces she picked up in the tub parts of the baby?

*The idea that girls could be the age of students in our school is scary

*How do you feel about the protestors that were aggressive-not the Coalition for Life that prayed?

*It’s interesting that PP calls abortion the simple easy solution but is unwilling to call the ambulance when things go wrong for fear of bad press

*What would have happened if that girl had died during the abortion or if Abby hadn’t found her bleeding?

*Is true that you don’t have to be a medical doctor to perform abortions?

*The scene where the guy was carrying out the barrels shows that some people don’t like PP but feel powerless against it

*How does her marriage work, since they seem to be living well based off her pay check?  What would happen if they were married Catholics?

*One nurse said she was Catholic; it goes against everything we believe.  How does the church deal with people like that?

*How can people find killing babies after a failed abortion ok? That if a woman doesn’t want it it’s ok?  (We discussed the new abortion laws in New York and Virginia)

*How long of a time frame in New York is there before they can’t killed the born baby?

*Virginia’s governor said they would keep the baby alive and a discussion would take place between the mother and the doctor

*Where do they dispose of the barrel of aborted babies?

*PP made Abby lie to the dad when he asked about his daughter

*No empathy toward the girls having abortions-held them down

*If they had to piece together the aborted fetus to “make sure they got it all” and they call the room the Pieces of Children room, how can they justify that it’s not a baby?

*Abby’s boss tried to talk her out of having a baby and then used her pregnancy to push abortions

*Aborted babies during the work day and had a baby shower for Abby after work-how can they accept that?

*Bothered by comparing abortion of babies to fries and soda-just for profit even though call a non-profit group

*They don’t even mention adoption as an option


*The doctor was shot during a church service


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