Lock Out Drill

Sept. 10, 2018

Today students and faculty took part in a Lock Out exercise. During a Lock Out, teachers and staff check exterior doors to make sure they are secure but classes proceed as normal.  Building trades students remain inside the St. Joseph Building, and any other classes are restricted from going outside or if outside, are brought inside.  Normal passing periods are observed, but no one is allowed to exit the building.  A notice is placed on the front door indicating the school is in Lock Out and no one will be allowed inside. Once an all clear is given, a normal school day resumes.

Like practicing for a fire drill, we want our students and staff to be prepared if authorities contact us to go in to Lock Out. It is also important that parents understand the Lock Out procedures as well. Having drills at different times also allows us to prepare and learn as various times of day pose different problems.  If you have any questions, please contact Aquinas Catholic Middle/High School.


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